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License: Freeware
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Op. System: Windows
Last updated: 2011-01-11
File size: 5.12 MB
Publisher: Wes Hardaker
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Publisher description for Cute CW

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A small tool will allow you to learn the morse code. A small tool will allow you to learn the morse code. Learning morse code is hard, but this tool will break it into phases to make learning easier. In Play mode, simply type keys and the Cute CW engine will play what you type at the speeds set in the preferences dialog box. To begin your listening training, switch to one of the other modes. Generally you should follow the order in the mode menu. In Recognition Mode characters will be sent and you need to press the appropriate key before a minimum time period, defined by the training speed preference. As you get fast enough for particular characters then the next character in the sequence will be added. Characters that you need the most work on will be sent more frequently than ones you're fast at responding to. Characters in the sequence will play at you with short pauses between each character. As you guess more and more correctly the speed will increase and the spacing between the letters will decrease. Most words that you read or hear are from a very small set of words. For example, 33% of the most common words fall into 100 simple words. If you memorize these words so you can recognize them not as individual letters but as entire words you'll greatly increase your listening rate. As you hear words, type them in and hit enter when done. After hitting enter the next word will be played. As you begin the number of words selected from will be small but will increase quickly for every right answer (and decrease for every wrong). Characters in the chosen training sequence will be keyed starting with a single character. Type in the characters you hear in the group. Your results good or bad will be displayed on the screen in green/red colors indicating good/bad guesses. As you guess more and more groups correctly the number of characters in the group will slowly go upward.

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