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Last updated: Sep 20, 2011
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How long can one keep secret from family member? Well better try this with Octadad. Octadad is a dapper octopus pretending to be human being. He tries to work and live like being but his unwieldy boneless tentacles is making life harder for him especially when performing household chore. However he has no option but to perform them. He has to keep his cephalopodan nature secret from his human family. You role is to control octadad like a marionette. Your goals is simple, control him to perform household chores without revealing his cephalopodan nature to the family. Some chores are extremely difficult for him and you have to look for a way of performing them just like a human being .Octadad has extra ordinary strength or advantage in performing other chores likes slipping through tight spaces, grabbing objects with his sucker, knock thing around with tremendousstrength. However this advantage has to be used carefully otherwise the family member will grow suspicious. If they observe any out-of ordinary act .if the secret is revealed the game ends.

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