License: Freeware
Downloads: 1
Op. System: Windows XP/Vista/7
Last updated: 12-05-2012
File size: 5.67 MB
Publisher: Ville Mönkkönen

Publisher description for Wazzal

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Wazzal is a single-player roleplaying game that takes place in outer space. In the year 2314, you have been hired as a crewmember in a small cargo spaceship named Wolf IV. Its job is to trade goods with distant human colonies. A bunch of aliens appears in scene, claiming that our Sun is about to burst, and offering to rescue those who are wealthy enough to pay for it. Humanity leaves their peaceful existence and gives way to corruption and fighting, as everyone tries to make enough money to buy salvation. To reach your objective, you and the crew capture Wolf IV to become pirates. This is where the game begins. You will have to fly your spaceship and accomplish several missions, giving you the opportunity to capture more spaceships that will make your fleet more powerful, allowing you to capture more loot. During the game, you will talk to several characters that will give you clues, propose you some business, or just give you some information. You can decide how to proceed or what to answer by selecting any of the pre-defined answer available. You will have to fly your spaceship to a series of fixed destinations, and you will have to decide if you want to engage in battle against other spaceships. Wazzal mixes elements from both adventure and action games. Everything is packed with an interesting story, as well as nice graphics and sound.

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