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Lavato is a world locked in war. The powerful knights of the Solar Kingdom clash with the deadly assassins of the Duchy of Crest, drawing in the Mercenaries of Heierrat on both sides. The Wizard Kingdom of Regus tries to remain neutral, but they are not safe from the agents of darkness who weave the web of war. From this age of battle comes heroes from the four corners of the world. Take up the mantle of an Iczer, a powerful summoner who can call these forces into battle and challenge the ultimate evil that will destroy all. Game Features * English version of Japan's #1 Online Card Game: Alteil is a Japanese fantasy game based on card dueling, now translated in English and hosted in the US. * Amazing card art: Done by top Japanese fantasy artists, painters and Manga-ka under the direction of Takuji Asanuma, writer/director of Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile. * Free to Play: Everyone gets 50 free cards to start, plus you can play mini-games for more free cards every day. Buying cards costs around 10 cents a card. * Tactical Card Combat: Alteil is more than a card dueling game. When unit cards are played they come out on a battle grid, where they can move, attack, use range, spells or special abilities, like in a unit tactics game. The keys to victory are battlefield tactics, resource management, and clever combos. * Community: Alteil supports Guilds, Chat, friends lists, Forums, and has a complete Avatar system. * Game Interface: Alteil runs in a web browser in Flash, with no downloads needed. Play anywhere, anytime, PC or MAC.

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