DotA Allstars 6.67


License: Freeware
Downloads: 12
Op. System: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
Last updated: Mar 29, 2010
File size: 6.76 MB
Publisher: Warcraft III Maps
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Note: You must install the latest Warcraft 3 patch (version 1.24b or newer) to play this map. * Bonus magic damage to Decrepified units changed from 44% to 40% * Removed creep targetability from Clarity Potion * Added text message when a courier gets upgraded (197577) * Updated various tooltips (168489) * Fixed Moonwells visual chargeup animation * Earthsplitter visual effect now more accurate * Added bonus gold/xp values to the final scoreboard * Added correct portrait with crown for King Leoric (155373) * Fixed some minor issues with Ironwood Branch icon (147529) * Fixed a lot of passive icon inconsistencies * CM heros updated (In: Alchemist, Visage, Bounty Hunter, Spiritbreaker, Lucifer, Out: NA, Mag, TB, Tree, Weaver, Clinkz) * Only blue can type -cm 1/2 * Fixed inaccurate replay data for assists ("Assist"+AssistPlayerId,VictimPlayerId) * Added Neutral Creep kills replay data during update inteveral ("NK"+PID,Value) * Replay data event written for successful player swaps ("SWAP_1_3",heroid for player 1 swapping player 3, heroid is the id that player 1 receives)

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