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A game is five puzzles. Their scores are added together as a game-score which is added to the score-table. Left-click on two numbers.The smaller number is then subtracted from the larger number and added to the smaller number.In other words, the smaller number doubles in size at the expense of the larger number.You keep doing this until a pair occurs. The score is recorded and the puzzle resets. Each time you get a pair, their values are added together and the third number is subtracted, thus ...Suppose that the SUM = 70 and you just made two 32s, adding to 64. This would make the remaining number 6 which is subtracted from the 64 so your score for the puzzle is 64 - 6 = 58. It is possible to get a negative score when the third number is bigger than the pair ...For instance, if SUM = 92 if you got a pair of 12s, the other number would 68. Your score would be 12 + 12 - 68 = -44 which would really spoil the round. So, you should try for the biggest possible pairs.Sometimes, it is possible to make a triple: all three numbers the same ...At the bottom-right of the picture, you can see the SUM of the three numbers. In this case, they add up to 72. 72 can be split into three 16s which would score a huge bonus -- the score for a triple is the SUM multiplied by seven. In this case that would be 72 x 7 = 504.If the score for a game of five puzzles is a minus value, it is recorded as a zero.

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