License: Freeware
Downloads: 342
Op. System: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
Last updated: Dec 15, 2011
File size: 200.24 MB
Publisher: MegaGlest Team

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MegaGlest is an open source 3D-real-time tactics game, where you control the armies of one of seven various factions: Magic, Tech, Indians, Egyptians, Persian, Norsemen, or Romans. The game has been setup in one of 14 natural settings, that like the unit models- are crafted with wonderful appreciation for detail. Further game data may be downloaded from within the game free of cost. A game of MegaGlest takes place on a map of varying size, for instance, big plains as well as fields, with terrain features like seas, mountains, rivers, or cliffs. Players have to set up settlements towards gaining resources, protect against other players, as well as train units towards exploring the map in addition to invade enemies. Various resources must be collected by each faction. This can be food, housing, energy, gold, stone as well as wood. Select a faction as well as create its various units also buildings whilst enhancing your factions' unique capabilities throughout the course of the game. Nevertheless, beware: tactics matters, hence chose intelligently whilst selecting which units to apply whilst as well as where if you desire an opportunity towards beating the enemy. Whilst the game has been officially supported on Linux as well; as Windows, community contributed builds exist for Mac OS X also FreeBSD. Up to 8 players fight in multi-player games (over Internet or LAN) throughout all supported platforms as well as against the different complex levels of AI players. MegaGlest is largely based on the extensively known Glest, that it forked from in early 2010. Like its forerunner, MegaGlest is obtainable under liberal licensing terms as well as can be downloaded without charge.

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