Galaxy Defender


License: Freeware
Downloads: 1
Op. System: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
Last updated: Jul 20, 2009
File size: 1.86 MB
Publisher: AndyH
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Publisher description for Galaxy Defender

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Space action shooter. A worm hole has opened leading a hoard of hostile aliens towards Earth! Fight drones, homers, death ships and formidable massive end of level bosses. Galaxy Defender was inspired by an old simple space shooter on the Commodore Vic20. It was simply a game where the player ship moves in a beautifully smooth motion, with pixel perfect inertia (a feat for the time on a Vic20!). Pitted against the player you start with just one other ship who moves in a similar way. The aim is to destroy the other ship, simple as that. The next level you are set against two enemy ships and they start to shoot back! The next level, shock horror there's a mind boggling three enemy ships. Suffice to say the action does not get any more frantic than that. Looking back on that game now, its not that impressive ... ten sprites (including the missiles), but I do remember the addictiveness, the just one more go appeal. This homage to that simple game brings the concept up a few gears. There's colour graphics for a start ;-) and loads more on screen. There is some influences from games such as Omega Race, Robotron and Smash TV in here, but I have tried to keep the 'just one more go' appeal of the original Commodore Vic20 game. Select your difficulty level to start with. Easy gives you a gentle start and your ship is slower and easier to control. Hard will throw you deep into the action with plenty to shoot and a fast and responsive ship. Playing the game requires you to stay on your toes and to learn and anticipate your opponents. They all have a unique behaviour, so learn how they respond to you early on. You can shoot with the SHIFT key only when you are applying thrust in one of the four directions (the cursor keys) you can not shoot when you are just drifting.

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