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Downloads: 2065
Op. System: WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win2000, Windows 8
Last updated: 05-10-2014
File size: 11.19 MB
Publisher: Memir Games Ltd

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iSnooker will give you the chance to play online snooker at given intervals. You will also play Billiards and Tournaments. In addition to playing online after some hours, the program enables you to enter the monthly cash prize events free of charge. Have the opportunity to enjoy your game of Snooker as you chat with other people. You can play in either 2D or 3D modes as per your personal preferences. The modeling and physics employed make the game have a very realistic outlook. You may try the game free by playing as a guest. You may also use a free trial of iSnooker, which gives you all the features.

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Visitor: wooden horse
Listen to me, Trojan, you little malfeasant. I cant believe you have the gall to come in here spuming your nonesense. You have already been exposed as a liar by Turkish. Instead of scuttling away back under the rock where you came from, you then had to post in Turkishs name, homophobic filth. You were exposed by this as well. Dont get me to prove it - u posted an aplology in your own forum you imbecile. And no, you didnt start this post off, that was done by terence probably before you were born.The only offensive stuff in here is by mostly the mods on your game, ie GiZZard Mr pasties unfeasibly large wife,Justawhatever and so on and so forth.So if thats the standards you lot accept dont come bleating here because you dont like what suits you.The only reason you lot are posting is you chanced across here and found some truthful negative comments,and formed "Trojans Army" in a dishonest attempt to portray your game as purer than snow. Oh and yes, I understand Mybaby is writing to the webmaster. So she can supress the truth like she can in her forum? canada is a communist country is it? the only liars cheats and abusive people here is your little flock of sheep.change your name to bo peep and keep your filthy lying abusive comments to yourself.prat.
General rate: Negative
Visitor: I love this game ;-))
apart from a few idiots and the small bugs this game is perfect and has given me and many others so much fun i have been playing 2 months now and my only regret is i didnt find it sooner!!!!! come and join us for some fun!!!!!!
General rate: Positive
Visitor: Shiftiestmort
Wow! seems to be a few disgruntled people around but they are entitled to their opinion although i do wonder why ,if the game the game is supposed to be so bad, people keep coming back and try to get around bans etc . This game is THE BEST snooker game you will ever find...anywhere. I'm not just saying that because i am a Mod on the game i am saying that because this is what i belive the situation is. If anyone can honestly tell me of a better snooker game with equall physics and gameplay then i will try it but there isnt one. I play snooker in real life and have found that iSnooker has improved my real game and given me a way of practising at home without having to spend thousands on a real table. Its great for seeing how a certain shot will turn out so that i can take that onto the real table. The community has really been developing over the last year or so and this is why i created the fansite for the game with all the tips, trickshots and members photo's. If there wasnt a community i would have done this. It is a great place for meeting people and having some relaxing time. We do alot for charities and hold tournaments to raise money which everyone can enjoy.There are also regular monthly cash winning events. There isnt one piece of software that is bug proof (just ask bill gates) but things are improving every step of the way. If you would like to join a great community with even greater potential give iSnooker a go.
General rate: Positive
Visitor: healthy eater
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General rate: Negative
Visitor: -Trojan-
P.s At least i've got some mates!!!
General rate: Positive