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Downloads: 2065
Op. System: WinXP, WinVista, WinVista x64, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Win2000, Windows 8
Last updated: 05-10-2014
File size: 11.19 MB
Publisher: Memir Games Ltd

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iSnooker will give you the chance to play online snooker at given intervals. You will also play Billiards and Tournaments. In addition to playing online after some hours, the program enables you to enter the monthly cash prize events free of charge. Have the opportunity to enjoy your game of Snooker as you chat with other people. You can play in either 2D or 3D modes as per your personal preferences. The modeling and physics employed make the game have a very realistic outlook. You may try the game free by playing as a guest. You may also use a free trial of iSnooker, which gives you all the features.

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Visitor: pasties-wife
LMFAO at trojans horse some of you total sad acts need to seriously get a life...but hey some of you have seriously injured me bladder i have laughed that much all i can say is JEEEEESUS!!!!!!!!!! i have my own mind and my own views and anyone who knows me will tellk ya the same i do what i want and say what i want when i want...i didnt know this site was here until i was told about it...and seeing as i love snooker so mch i wasnt to pleased that some complete TIT'S were dissing it all you ritual cheaters and abusers need to get off yer high horses and sort yer selfs out if you dont like the game then FO!! simple as
General rate: Positive
Visitor: Mushy
Well i was banned to and im really annoyed cause they are going to unbann me after 5 days all because i reported a moderator who was pasting other ppls ip addresses im sure that aint allowed i am really angry and cnt wait to be unbanned :D
General rate: Negative
Visitor: I love this game ;-))
apart from a few idiots and the small bugs this game is perfect and has given me and many others so much fun i have been playing 2 months now and my only regret is i didnt find it sooner!!!!! come and join us for some fun!!!!!!
General rate: Positive
Visitor: lets_wind_it_round_the_si
although this is a negative.. there are gr8 points.. and whats the bet that after this i get banned.. every ban (2) which i have rexcieved have been fair. through coming on drunk and gobbing off. its a gr8 game and although i dont mind the guests. 18 tbles of guests playing each other when they only get same game allowances as in guest lobby is annoying.. they still cant chat or anything.. trialists!... are fine Mutli trialists are w**k**s but u can always choose not to play them.. admin team... ok, nice people to talk to. just a shame u cant giv your own opinion in lobby and u cant have ur say when u want to explain. and when u get a ban for gobbing they only send u an "edited " version of what uv said. they tend to leave out the middle chat which wld resolve reasons behind your gobbing. when u ask to c what you wrote.. fair enough u wrote something but it has been pulled from 5 different convos ur having. u cld call some one a cheat then say oo i missed the black.. all of a sudden uv bin banned for calling someone a cheating black bast***.. on the good side. as long as u dont abuse people and get on u will make friends and bar a few mods who arnt old enough for college and head mods there is a really gr8 mod team they are.. mrjimi, nice_one, cornish pasty, and pasties_wife, shifty, wizard, everton, rich, stu jang, (justanicgal).. these do the game credit.. and as good as they are even thebest mod in the world cld not credit the admin team as a whole. yet individually. brandon and marilee are good to talk to.. thats my view and will c u all after my ban for posting this..:P
General rate: Negative
Visitor: xizer_exposed
Dont you come here with your patronising tones. How dare you! why is it you arent banned for promoting illegal movie downloads on your forum - oh your an Admin so that makes it ok.the words "HYPOCRITE" and "DISHONEST" spring to mind And what of have the rest of you done to address this? "GLASSHOUSES" and "STONES" Xizer Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2005 9:29 pm Post subject: The Movie Thread Site Admin Joined: 29 Jan 2005 Posts: 216 Location: The Netherlands Hey guys, I'm downloading quite some movies lately and I'm wondering if anyone else downloading / watching movies on the PC?? Please feel free to use this topic to post anything related with the movies you seen. What program / sites you use to download your movies??? Also want to know what movies you seen lately and how your thoughts are about them. Try to write some comments about it. That way we can get an idea about it and download them to watch. I just downloaded 'Are we there yet', Ice Cube playing in it. I watched it and I have to say: BRILLIANT movie!! It's a family comedy and I can really recommend it to you all!! Not in the cinema yet, but I downloaded it with the file sharing program 'Ares'. Btw: I'm currently looking for a proper version of Mr & Mrs Smith. If anyone knows where to get it from, please let me know. No Off Topic or Spamm please! _________________ Xizer
General rate: Negative