StarCraft 2 - Beta BEST Launcher ALLin1 3.6.3


License: Freeware
Downloads: 7
Op. System: Windows 7, Vista, XP
Last updated: Mar 29, 2010
File size: 8.76 MB
Publisher: Vernam7
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Publisher description for StarCraft 2 - Beta BEST Launcher ALLin1 3.6.3

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What is SC2ALLin1? An automated tool that makes possible for you to play sc2 beta offline, without cd-keys etc, load match in skirmish battles, and watch replays.doesn't mess with original game to allow you play WAN and download updates normaly!Very easy UI no need to copy paste files arround. Install sc2 beta and then this and you are ready to go! Istallation Steps: 1)Install Starcraft II to its Recomended Directory (or any logical custom folder you wish it will be detected or asked by the tool) 2)just downlowd and install it to its RECOMENDED LOCATION default path should be: C:\Program Files (maybe x86)\StarCraft II Beta\SC2ALLin1 Change Log version 3.6.3 * Works with latest Starcraft 2 Beta Patch 5 * Second Workaround for Pink background for most XP users not having transparency. Simple click or moving the Launcher will try to clear the pink. * Fix a bug that after changing A.I files and save the Game Options will not re appear. * Improve performane with multi-threading support in multi cores CPUs. * Minor U.I changes to sc2 logo * Fix issue when a selected tab will not open the entire form if its allready selected. * Add warning message if user tries to start the game without sellecting Difficulty level or none Computer players. * When selecting a map, the 1st player slot will be set to Human and the rest automatically to Computer type. * Fix an error on some system "process not found" when clicking the links in the credits form. * Make the entire application smaller and faster (from 2MB to ~880KB) * Fix a bug when user change a player type from Human to AI or Observer, and settings will reset to Random. Now slot if its not "closed" will keep the last options (race, color, position etc)

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