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List the pages from where you visited one PaGE, and all the other pages you visited from those pages. Keywords searching in page title is supported from version 0.09; ScrapBook support from 0.12. Naive sharing from 0.14. ntroduction: Similar to "Referrer History", it shows the pages from where you got to current url during all your browsing history, and where else you visited from those urls. The difference is, it only shows those related with the current url opened in the browser, or having all the keywords, instead of displaying all the browsing history. Howto: Open the tree view in a new tab by "Tools -> FromWhereToWhere" when your current page is the one you want to see where-from and where-to links. You can search for the pages with titles that have all the keywords you input. In the tree view, a node can be expanded if there are urls that you visited from the url it stands for. As expanding is recursively performed, the total number of descents can be thousands, and suspension points mean the querying is in Progress. You can open a url by right click on the node -> "open in new tab", or simply double click. If according to your browsing history, current url is linked from nowhere, or there's no page title having all the search terms, the opened view will suggest that no results be found. From 0.12, if a Link had been captured by the add-on Scrapbook, it'll be highlighted in Italic font (olive if the node wasn't red or blue), and you can open it from context menu "Open Local Copy". From 0.14, "property" and "import" are added to the menu for sharing with other users of FWTW. Select the nodes that you want to share, right click and select "property", select the property (all the text) in the dialog. NOTE: the subnodes won't be included in the property of the node if the node hasn't been expanded ever, so please take this chance to examine if the subnodes are the exact content that you want to share.

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