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Last updated: 10 Jan 2011
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Publisher: Renesas Technology Corp.

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The Document Updater is a utility that automatically finds only the documents associated with a specified MCU from a massive document library at the Renesas Web site at a single click, with no occurrences omitted. It also permits you to determine whether the searched document is of the latest version, as well as to download it, so that the documents needed for development can always be maintained up-to-date. Furthermore, the Document Updater automatically searches for Renesas Web contents other than documents also, allowing for quick access to the related Web information. What's more, its My Manuals function makes this utility useful as a tool to manage personal documents in a PC. For first-time users, we provide a tutorial. You can utilize it to master your way through the Document Updater. Main features: - Renesas document quick search and update Only the documents associated with a specified MCU are automatically searched from the Renesas Web site at a single click. The searched document list shows at a glance whether any document has been downloaded in the past, making it possible to select and download collectively the necessary documents currently unavailable on hand. If any document downloaded in the past has had a revised version issued, it will be picked up as the document requiring updates and can therefore be updated to the latest version immediately - Cooperative operation with the High-performance Embedded Workshop The Document Updater can be invoked from a menu of the High-performance Embedded Workshop. In that case, related documents are automatically searched based on the MCU information that was set using the High-performance Embedded Workshop. - Usable in stand-alone configurations also The Document Updater, beginning with V.2.00, can also be used singly in a PC. Even when the compiler or emulator products being used are of the old versions not supported by earlier versions preceding V.2.00, it is possible to use the Document Updater. Furthermore, even when the High-performance Embedded Workshop is not in use yet, it is possible to gather documents using the Document Updater. - Accessible to Web information other than documents too The Web information associated with a specified MCU is automatically searched, and you can access it with just one click. There is no need to search the Renesas Web site looking about for the necessary information. In addition, you can access the ToolNews related to the specified MCU from V.3.00 and later. - My Manuals function The documents stored in a local PC, including general electronic books and the manuals for third-party tools, can be registered individually. (The documents registered using the My Manuals function are not checked for updates.) - Easy to understand display The total number of retrieved documents is displayed on the side of each tab name from V.3.00 and later. If you click on any one of the tabs, a list of the categorized documents pops up, as well as a complete list of all the downloaded documents in the Download lists tab. - Simple and quick search for information on multiple MCUs When you are running a single DocumentUpdater program, you can switch to different MCU Information and search again quickly with the Change MPU/MCU button. Also, when you run multiple DocumentUpdater programs, it is optimum for you to get and compare information for many MCUs.

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