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Op. System: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Last updated: 2011-11-08
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mysms. Requires that you install the Android mysms tool on your mobile device and register to use mysms on your Windows machine. Makes your Windows machine a smartphone-like text manager, just like a tablet or notebook. Installing mysms lets you use your PC to receive and send texts, sync up all of your mobile devices with any shared texts, and lets you contact and converse for free by texts with any other mysms user. You get an id and password for your PC mysms sync. Sync occurs automatically when your devices are turned on, giving you immediate access to the to-date versions wherever you are. Just connect and you have them. In the same way, mysms syncs with any other mysms user that is in your contacts lists. When you indicated a user for a text, mysms knows the person is or is not a mysms user and will provide free text to the mysms user. Otherwise, you are responsible for whatever costs are applied to your phone service. It does not matter if the texts are to or from your mobile device or your machine, the process and sync’g occur in the same manner. When you send a text using mysms your phone id / number is shown to the receiver so that the receiver knows quickly who the sender is. This, again, happens in the same way no matter if it occurs from your PC or from your mobile device. If you have service through an online text provider with a flat rate plan, mysms does not have any added costs for its activities when you text online. Texts received from another user, who might be a mysms user or not, will show as a normal text receipt on your mobile device and at the same time will show as a popup on your connected PC. You can respond to the text in any way you wish, on your device or on your PC – it is your choice.

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