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Black Imported Fireants and Red Imported Fireants are fierce, territorial and persistent. Their mounds vary in size and may be found anywhere. Their peak activity is Spring to December. They are less active in January, February and March but will emerge on warm days foraging about looking for food and someone to Sting. Some structures have Fire Ants under slabs where heat is available all year. These nests will be active continuously. Throughout the spring into winter, active mounds will send out "swarmer" ants. Like termites, these are winged males and females who start new colonies. When colonies are established around buildings, picnic areas, sitting areas, and playgrounds, your children may encounter these nasty little demons. These encounters may lead to pets and children getting stung. As homeowners and parents, you should strive to control your environment so your young ones won't have to worry about being stung. Fire Ants may be little, but they pack a nasty sting which will itch and become irritated immediately. If you have stings you want to treat, use our FIRE ANT STING OINTMENT. This product is very effective at both stopping the itch and allowing the wound to heal. If you have ever been stung by Fireants you know the wound will irritate you for weeks. This ointment will soothe the discomfort and allow for faster healing. Though it works great at relieving the pain and suffering of FireAnt stings, most people still prefer to not get stung at all. If you wish to keep Fireant activity to a minimum, there are several things you can do around the home to both minimize activity and/or eliminate any nests you have.

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