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Publisher: Jori Liesenborgs

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JVOIPLIB is an object-oriented Voice over IP (VoIP) Library written in C++. Features Features of the library include: Easy VoIP session creation and destruction. Highly configurable sessions: sampling rate, sample interval, compression type, ... can all be selected by the user. These features can also be changed during a session. Openness and extensibility: the object-oriented nature of the library makes it very easy to add features; new components can easily be tested by registering them as 'User Defined' modules. Support for 3D effects: for my thesis I also did some research and development about VoIP in networked virtual environments, which included adding 3D effects to sound. For this reason, I've added this feature to the library. Currently, several components have one or more implementations. In this release, these modules are included: soundcard input and output, file input and output (using Libsndfile) DPCM compression, Mu-law encoding, LPC 5.4kbps compression (based on the LPC codec of Ron Frederick), GSM 13kbps compression (based on the GSM codec of Jutta Degener and Carsten Bormann), Speex compression RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) Transmission of data an elementary voice mixer a simple localisation scheme, a HRTF based localisation scheme

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