License: Freeware
Downloads: 317
Op. System: Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000
Last updated: 2013-05-28
File size: 2 MB
Publisher: ZenKEY

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ZenKEY is here to provide you control of your PC aspects through keystrokes. With the usage of ZenKEY Wizard utility, you are allowed to create menus that are containing items that can perform actions. To fire those actions you can click on the item or to press the right combination of keys. By using those actions you are able to: • Play and work on the infinite desktop • Place program windows on unlimited virtual desktop space • SmallLogo • Open file or program: If associated with the application, these actions will open document or launch programs. If a program is already running and you launch it again, there is an option of choosing between this programs being brought to foreground or ZenKEY should launch a new one. Also there is an option where you can choose ZenKEY to launch programs automatically after startup. • Control program windows: Some of the commands can be used to change properties, alter transparency, sending to system tray or even repositioning the entire program window. By commanding to ZenKEY you can choose if you want any action to be performed under the current windows you mouse pointer are on or the default active window. • Automatic windows transparency: After you start switching between windows it makes them transparent. You will see inactive windows become invisible and blend into desktop surface • Iconic windows: You can replace any of your windows with the “live” icon and that way save the real estate of your desktop. This will show memory usage and the CPU time • Media command issuing: You can send special WM command to the PC. These commands are used to pause, stop or start Media players that are compatible. Also you can change the systems volume with adding bass, treble and many more. There is an option that allows you to open web browsers and email clients. • Open a folder: You can open any folder in the Windows explorer • Open internet location: You can open internet sources that can be FTP sites, websites and secure websites. • Internet search performing • Perform internet search: By using almost any search engine, you can perform internet searches.

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