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ClickyMate is a free tool made to make your life easier by associating a bunch of events (like clicking a button, sending some text, sending a key, etc) with a single key press or button press. How does it work? Here's the basics. In ClickyMate, you have actions and you have events. An action contains a bunch of events and may look like this ... * Position mouse at 10,20 * Click mouse * Send Text "ClickyMate is awesome!" * Position mouse at 50,90 Once you have defined your action you can run it using a button and/or associating a key with that action. That's it! Available Events * Position Mouse - Position mouse at an absolute position * MOVE Mouse - Move mouse from the current position * Click Position - Position + Click Mouse combined * Click Mouse * Double Click Mouse * Mouse Down - Send a mouse button down * Mouse Up - Send a mouse button up * Send Text - Send some text, either fixed or with variables * Sleep - A millisecond sleep * Long Sleep - Apply a sleep in seconds * Send Key - Send a Windows Key * Copy Text - Copy text from source to destination * Regular Expression Match - Match input string using a RE * Seen String - Input string been seen before? * UDP Message - Send a UDP message to a host/port * Pop Up Text - Display a text popup (debugging) The free version has a few restrictions but will never timeout - unlock for just a few dollars. Distribute ClickyMate unmodified as you please. ClickyMate is really simple to use, just imagine the actions you do to perform a task and enter them in ClickyMate. Next time ClickyMate will perform the task for you with a single click!! You can save your setup and even save a direct shortcut to your configuration with a custom icon. You can use it to create form fillers, boss buttons, disabilties, online games like farmville, etc - it literally has a 1001 uses. Check out my demos and download example configurations from my website. Feedback very welcome!!

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