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Publisher: Herbert Haas

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Mausezahn is a free fast traffic generator written in C which allows you to send nearly every possible and impossible packet. It is mainly used to test VoIP or multicast networks but also for security audits to check whether your systems are hardened enough for specific attacks. Mausezahn can be used for example: As traffic generator (e. g. to stress multicast networks) To precisely measure jitter (delay variations) between two hosts (e. g. for VoIP-SLA verification) As didactical tool during a datacom lecture or for lab exercises For penetration testing of firewalls and IDS For DoS attacks on networks (for audit purposes of course) To find bugs in network software or appliances For reconnaissance attacks using ping sweeps and port scans To test network behaviour under strange circumstances (stress test, malformed packets, ...) ...and more. Mausezahn is basically a versatile packet creation tool on the command line with a simple syntax and context help. It could also be used within (BASh-) scripts to perform Combination of tests. By the way, Mausezahn is quite fast; when started on my old PIII-Laptop (1.4 GHz, Gigabit Ethernet) I measured 755 Mbit/s using the interface packet counters of an HP ProCurve 5400 switch.

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