RPG Alive 2000

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License: Freeware
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Op. System: Windows
Last updated: 10 Jan 2011
File size: 1.7 MB
Publisher: Profound Logic Software, Inc.
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RPG-Alive Feature Spotlight: - Real-time RPG Outline. With RPG-Alive running, an outline of your RPG structures is always present. RPG statements like IF/ELSE/ENDIF and DO/ENDDO are always connected. The outline appears automatically without requiring any special action from the user. It also adjusts itself automatically as the developer modifies the source code. The outline is graphical and not character-based. It works in SEU as well as in STRISDB and ILE STRDBG. The outline never alters your original source member. - Real-time CL Outline. In CL members, the DO/ENDDO statements are automatically connected. The real-time CL outline helps the developer to quickly identify IF, ELSE, and MONMSG groups within CL source. On-line Delineation. With RPG-Alive, each line of code you modify will automatically be delineated based on the contents of that line. It's like having an automatic F4 prompt on every line of source code. You instantly see the space you are expected to fill for the particular OpCode you are working with. Every parameter is also color-coded (i.e. required parameters are separated against the optional parameters, etc.). The feature is also applicable to non-C specs like D specs, P specs, or DDS (A) specs. - Context-sensitive Help. RPG help is available at the tip of your fingers. Request help for any RPG operation, any built-in function, or any factor/result/indicator entry just by pressing Ctrl-F1. - Cursor Navigation. Tab the cursor from field to field simply by pressing Ctrl-Space. This eliminates having to use arrow keys to position the cursor to the appropriate column. Fields or columns that are not part of the specific RPG Operation, with which you are working, are automatically omitted. The feature works well in RPG, CL, and DDS. - Auto-complete feature. Automatically complete the names of operations, built-in functions, keywords, OR your own subroutines and subprocedures! Type the first few characters of the name and press Ctrl-Space to auto-complete. The feature facilitates faster and more accurate code entry, and relieves the developer from remembering the exact names of operations, bifs, keywords, etc. - Operation Select. Instead of typing the OpCode, you can use the Ctrl-Down and the Ctrl-Up keys to scroll through the list of available RPG operations. Once you have selected the desired OpCode, you may go on to fill in the rest of its parameters. - Marking of line-commands. With RPG-Alive, when you move your lines of code around, you will know exactly where they will go! RPG-Alive clearly illustrates the effect of line commands by highlighting the affected lines of code and by showing the destination with a color-coded arrow. - Highlighted comments. RPG-Alive will automatically highlight commented code. This avoids confusion when browsing or editing RPG code that is commented out. Your original source member is never modified! - Delimited subs. Helps you separate your subroutines and your ILE subprocedures. - Indented printout. The Indenter portion of the product allows you to print an indented listing of your RPG or CL source. For those super-complex programs, this can be a life-saver. - Easy Installation. The RPG-Alive installation is the easiest of all AS/400 products. Installation takes less than 1 minute! - Easy to learn. The product integrates with PDM, something almost every RPG programmer is already familiar with. The developer's productivity will increase immediately after installing the product. - Support for the latest RPG enhancements. RPG-Alive supports all the new V5R2 Operation Codes and Built-in functions. RPG-Alive also works well with Free-format RPG.

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