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Last updated: 2011-03-13
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MJ Registry is a small innovative program designed to monitor and safeguard you most important registry, file and directory. This program will enable you monitor activities happening around you important files, registry and directory and safeguard them from attack by Trojans. The program uses very low resources i.e. CPU and memory. By default, it poll you system after every 30 seconds but you can configure this to anything between 1 and 999. This will help you get instant alerts when changes are done to your files, directory and registry. You can also configure which file, directory and registry is to be polled or safeguarded. It also helps you identify key deletion on your computer. How to get started First, extract files with their file path name. You will find self-extracting .exe files with small help text files, keys and file lists and a couple of exclusion files in the MJRegWatcher directory. Create a shortcut to C:MjRegwatcherregWatcher.exe and launch it. You will then be required to use the setting, and the automatic startup option as screen to install it. You can choose to install it for the current user or for all users. You can also set which key set to start it up with or even to uninstall it. It should be note that under VISTA, the program will need to be configured with administrator’s privilege of writing the registry. To do this, go to the RegWatcher.exe file in Explorer, right-click to Properties, and go to the Compatibility tab. Check the admin box. Whenever the Vista PC is switched on, you will have to choose MJRW to open with admin rights. Unless you disable UAC, the only way round this is to use the task scheduler to launch MJRW with administrator rights and set it to run at log on. In this way If a Trojan attempts to change your startup settings, you will be alerted, and you can prevent the changes to take place. MJRW can also be configured to send you an email alert The program is highly customizable as you can configure the files and keys to be monitored. For example, if you want to protect your file association from the “mail to protocol” (your default mailer) so that only your chosen application loads them you can do so. Once any other application e.g. outlook is trying to undermine this file association, you will be alerted by a popup that will also offer to stop the new association attempt. This file association is stored by the following association hkey_lmussoftwareclassesmailtoshellopencommand and you can easily protect the “mailto” by simply changing it to other formats such as JPEGfile. It will automatically access the directory and create the rights for the path where .exe file will sit in. The program default set of keys and files are will always keep you protected. They will alert you when an attempt is made to change your startup without your knowledge. The key are accessible in read-only mode so no one can change them. When the application detects any change, it only needs access to the write registry. It will keep a log of any suspected activity and will display that information at the bottom panel for the current session. You can chose to view the log file by simply clicking on the log button. Log file will always keep the history of the alerts.

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