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License: Freeware
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Op. System: Windows 7
Last updated: 2012-05-21
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Publisher: Bitsum Technologies

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With RegMerge you load up one or more .Reg files and compare them to your current registry, allowing you to selectively import parts, or just see the changes. This is useful for REG file fixes you find on the internet, or comparing your registry with another PC or your own PC in an earlier state. - Compare - By comparing your registry to that of another system, or an earlier state of your own system, you can determine likely causes of problems. - Import more safely and selectively - Instead of wondering what a REG file has done, or if it is even different than your current registry, you can Now see what it will change and selectively apply it REG files Once you determine you've got a messed up shell file association, or other potential registry problem, you may search the web. You'll often find files with the extension .REG. These are RegEdit import/export files. With the Windows RegEdit utility you can right-click on Any key and export a .REG file. Then, you can take this .REG file and import it to another system by double clicking it. This lets people provide you with .REG files to repair your registry. However, when you double-click one, you get the simple option of importing it - nothing more. It overwrites any content already there. So, you had better check to see what you are importing and compare it to what is Currently there. In this way, you can make sure the REG file is actually solving the problem and not causing additional harm. Obviously, What is needed is a utility to take a REG file, compare it to your current registry hives, and show you the changes it would make -- then allow you to selectively apply those changes. That is what our freeware utility RegMerge does. It shows you the changes between the REG file you are importing and your current registry HIVE(s). It can also let you COMPARE and CONTRAST the differences between a fresh install of an OS and your install.

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