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Op. System: Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
Last updated: 08-18-2016
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Publisher: iolo technologies, LLC
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System Mechanic Free keeps your PC running at peak performance and stability with advanced PC tune-up, repair and maintenance features. Using 7 safe and effective tools, its exclusive patented technology fixes registry errors, defrags hard drives, cleans up junk files, accelerates downloads, boosts Windows speed and ensures maximum ongoing system stability. Consistently top-rated since 1998, this award-winning performance solution is trusted by over 40 million people to keep over 75 million PCs worldwide problem-free and running like new. System Mechanic Free delivers essential features that automatically resolve errors, slowdowns and crashes: > Registry Tuner: A safe, effective, and highly advanced problem solver and error repair tool, Registry Tuner diagnoses and resolves the most common root causes of mysterious freezes, slowdowns, and crashes. > Startup Optimizer: Automatically eliminates startup bottlenecks that choke the life out of a PC and make Windows take ages to start. Supercharges boot-times and frees up resources for improved overall performance. > Memory Mechanic: Reclaims RAM orphaned by memory leaks and sloppy programs for an instant speed boost. Optimizes and defragments memory for snappier programs, downloads, and gaming experience. > PC Cleanup: Performs a system-wide scan for junk and obsolete files left over from messy programs and unexpected restarts. Safely cleans out hazardous system-clogging clutter that accumulates over time through everyday use. > Drive Accelerator: Performs advanced hard drive defragmentation for accelerated Windows load times, program startup, and overall system speed. > Shortcut Repair: Finds and automatically fixes broken or corrupted Windows shortcut icons that can represent the root of frustrating problems on an otherwise stable PC. > Internet Connection Repair: Automatically heals broken and chronically unstable internet connections to get you back online and keep you connected when you most need to be.

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User reviews

Visitor: Steve
Becuase I thought SysMech5 was good and Kaspersky AV/Firewall is updated many times a day and catches things Norton does not, I tried SysMech6 and wished I had not from Day one. SysMech 6 Pro is a complete disaster, as might be inferred anyway from the fact that they have issued 21 revised versions to the original release in late 2005, the first seven or eight of them within two weeks of original disastrously inept release. SysMechPro6 crashes frequently, locks the system, overrides user preferences when doing Total Care, deletes items without giving you the option of canceling the deletion, is slow on clean and defrag, inaccurate on Memory defrag [often requiring a dozen passes till it finds the right final point), and requires frequent non-optional system restarts. Moreover if you run the same utility twice in a row it will "find" errors the second time that it did not find the first time and after some utility actions it will then analyse itself again (non-optionally and slowly) and report that this new post-operative analysis has now found errors and you have to run the thing again. I don't trust the program any more and when a Program gets to Version Issue T in the space of less than 9 months you know the programmers have made some huge and worrying errors in the earlier versions. I now won't upgrade any Iolo products until I have read many reviews first. Also as noted in other reviews their "Support" is rubbish. Do NOT purchase SysMech6Pro. It is ... UNprofessional.
General rate: Negative
Visitor: Esra Trams
Well 3.x was great, but not 4.x and certainly not 4.x Pro. Firstly let me say, I believe that the Iolo inclusion of security software to their product, particularly a less than the best . . Panda . . is in my view a bloody con. Nowhere until you are well into the install is there any mention of Panda Antivirus software, then all of a sudden you are told, 'if you wish to install the Panda software, please remove all other antivirus programs from your computer' . . . oh yeah!!! Like hell I will, not when I have taken great pains to test and install what I believe are the best security progs. around . . . (Sygate, Avaste32, Spyblaster, Antidote - all free)Panda leaves a lot to be desired in my view. But the nerve of Iolo to expect me to remove all other security software! Well, apart from that, the defrag appears to be flawed, as it has hung on several tries and yet my old and faithful Nuts & Bolts defragger chugs through with no trouble. I don't want an unreliable defragger - I get nervous enough while defragging. I don't believe there has been any serious attempt to improve most of the tools, they all seem pretty much the same. I feel that what was good and reliable, has not been improved. My view is, until Iolo decide on a major upgrade and tell the consumer what changes have been made, and not conceal tricky things, they know where they can shove their toolbox. My verdict . . stay with the 3.x version - there is an update available now - 3.8. Esra (Pent 350Mhz 128mb Win98 2ndEd)
General rate: Negative
Visitor: NB
Seemed like a solid product ... I downloaded the trial version and all seemed well until I PURCHASED the product. Then I find out that the antivirus and firewall software is from another company, Panda. I have yet to be able to successfully register the Panda software. Panda's support is worthless at best and refused to assist. They then wanted money to further help. Iolo was no help either, but at least their technical support was professional in telling me "not our problem". Relegated to the "wish I had not spent that $69.95" pile of useless software. Oh yeah, this software has never successfully defraged any of my drives.
General rate: Negative
Visitor: jarda
After scannigm programs SMP 6.0p with EWIDO anti-malware scan there are 13 spy cookis (marked as "medium") in System mechanic pro 6.0p.Scan EWIDO is only program- so far- whitch can the spyin stuf find.Please,see for yourself
General rate: Negative
Visitor: seadog
I agree with every negative comment made about these products. The so called support for System Mechanic 4 Pro is non existant. "uninstall and reinstall" is the standard answer if you get one at all. Panda is just as bad. I will NEVER purchase any of their products again.
General rate: Negative