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Op. System: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Last updated: 2012-01-30
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Prefetch is a window XP function that has the ability of reducing your operating system boot time as well as applications startup time. In other word you no longer need to wait too long for you operating system to load or you applications to open. Prefetch function works in a very simple way. The first time a given application is run on the system, windows controls it startup and in the process a is created and stored in the Prefetch folder. This file contains a sort of index of the said application which is loaded into the memory in the sequence order as they were loaded during the startup process. The next time the said application is started window will not perform the index loading process again, instead it will use the already stored index to open the application. In this way, time normally taken to load the index will be saved. In windows vista and window 7 Prefetch works in conjunction with SuperFetch. Unlike the other Operating system, vista uses a more complex algorithm to determine which applications are frequently used. After doing so the OS preload the some of the frequently application files into the window startup memory. Since they are already preloaded into the startup memory, they open very fast once initiated by user. Theoretically both SuperFetch and Prefetch works very well. But in reality that not what happening. Though Prefetch does it work to a satisfactory level, the same cannot be said of SuperFetch. SuperFetch sometime lead to abnormal hard disk activities caused by memory IO operation. It may also lead to random in-game framerate Drops probably caused by the caching process. In window 7 SuperFetch functionality was excluded but the problems still exist in this new Microsoft platform. It is for these and more reasons that advanced user may want twist the way window manages Superfetch and Prefetch. Tweakprefetch is an easy way to do it.

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