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MxCalc is a 4-in-One Utility tool. It comes with a Unit Converter, Scientific Evaluator, Loan Calc. & Amortization table. Upgrade from any unit converter, loan calculator, Amortization calc. program which you are currently using and get additional discount of $2. Also get Free Updates !! (For upgrading email the product name and order details on Unit Converter :-     Most comprehensive collection of units. 100+ Categories, 1000+ units, 10000+ Conversion.Constant values.Swap conversions.Can add new units and property groups.Easy to use utility, no need to program before using. CategoriesAbsolute ZeroAcceleration ( Angular )Acceleration ( Linear )Activation EnergyAngleAngular MomentumAreaArea per unit VolumeBoltzmann ConstantCharge / MoleConcentrationConductivityCost of PowerCpCutting ToolsData RateData StorageDensityDepthDimensionlessDisplacementDistanceDynamic Fluidity (1/viscosity)Electric Dipole MomentElectric Field StrengthElectrical CapacitenceElectrical ChargeElectrical ConductivityElectrical CurrentElectrical InductanceElectrical PotentialElectrical ResistanceElectrical ResistivityEnergyEnergy FluxEnergy per unit AreaEnthalpyFeedFeet of PipeFlow Rate( Mass )Flow Rate( Volume )ForceForce ( Body )Force Per Unit MassFouling FactorFrequencyFuel EfficiencyGeometric DisplacementHeat of CombustionHeat of FusionHeat of VaporisationHeat Transfer Co-efficientHeightHenry's Law ConstantIlluminanceInductanceIntegration ConstantIntensity of Ionising RadiationKinetic Energy of TurbulenceLengthLinear MomentumLinear Thermal expansion coefficientLuminanceMagnetic Field StrengthMagnetic FluxMagnetic Flux DensityMagnetic MomentMagnetomotive ForceMassMass DensityMolar FlowRateMolar Heat CapacityMolecular WeightMoment of InertiaMoment of Inertia ( Area )MomentumMomentum Flow RateMomentum FluxNumberPermeabilityPermeability FactorPhoton Emission RatePopulationPowerPower / Unit MassPower / Unit VolumePress ImpulsePressurePressure GradientRadioactive DoseRadioactive ExposureRadioactivityRate of ExpenditureSlopeSolid AngleMass Per Unit AreaMass Per Unit LengthMass Transfer Co-efficientMolar ConcentrationMass FlowrateMass FluxSpecific EnthalpySpecific GravitySpecific HeatSpecific Heat CapacitySpecific SurfaceSpecific VolumeSpeedSurface TensionTemperature DifferenceThermal ConductanceThermal ConductivityThermal ResistanceTimeTorqueTotal HeadTurbulence Energy Dissipation RateU ValueUnit PowerVelocityVelocity ( Angular )Velocity ( Linear )Viscosity ( Dynamic )Viscosity ( Kinematic )Voltage ( emf )Voltage Ratio / FrequencyVolumeVolumetric Calorific ValueVolumetric Coefficient of ExpansionVolumetric FlowVolumetric Mass FlowrateWave NumberWavelength of max. Radiation IntensityWidthWorkTemperature (Boiling pt. At 1 atm)  Scientific Evaluator : -      Evaluate expressions and directly convert them using the unit converter utility.Superlative collection of operators.Memory Functions.Instant reference to recent calculations. Function CategoriesMathTrigonometricHyperbolicInverse Hyperbolic FunctionsEXP, LOG, LOG2, LOG10, ABS, SGN, SQR, RND, INT, SQRTSIN, COS, TAN, COT, SEC, CSC, ASIN, ACOS, ATAN, ACOT, ASEC, ACSCSINH, COSH, TANH, COTH, SECH, CSCH, ASINH, ACOSH, ATANH, ACOTH, ASECH, ACSCH Loan Calculator : -      Calculate the Total interest, monthly interest, monthly payment, monthly breakup on Principal paid and interest paid .Easy to use.Complete chart of all the months Amortization Table : -      Generate Amortization table with Escrow and Extra pricipal as optional inputs.Easy to use.Complete chart of all the months

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