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Free Online Horse Racing Games

You can play your favorite racing game on your personal computer or you can play a free online racing game. Among the more interesting new additions of the Internet racing games you will find the free online horse racing games. Yes, you read right! For those of you who are bored with racing horse power free online horse racing games are coming strong from behind with the alternative.
Free online horse racing games are unlike any other free online racing game. Not only you get to race the horse of your choice but you get to breed horses, train them, buy and sell horses even own your own stable and have your own jockeys. Unlike it is the case for real stables with real horses, in this free online racing game the racing goes on 24 hours a day so whenever you feel like playing your horse is certainly up for it. Another advantage offered by free online horse racing games over owning your real stable is that they are‚EUR¶well, free.
The list of options you get when playing free online horse racing games is amazing. It‚EUR(TM)s not just a race, it‚EUR(TM)s a whole business. Aside from viewing a race or racing a horse yourself you can buy, rent or trade horse equipment like horse saddles, horse blankets or horse trailers; you can ensure boarding for your horse by renting or buying a stable, you can choose to train your horse before the race if you find it is not in the best of shape or you can hire someone to train it for you; also, you can get horse insurance, just to be on the safe side. Another option is to browse the new and used horse ads in search of your favorite and if you don‚EUR(TM)t find it, have no fear, these free online horse racing games allow you to breed your own horses and produce the thoroughbred of your choice. Next you can bet on your horse and ride it too, as nothing is impossible in this virtual world of horse races.
As a bonus to the fun of racing your own virtual horse free online horseracing games also offer gifts for horse lovers and for the more charitable of you there is the horse charities section.

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