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Need for Madness

Need for Madness
Submitted by: David K.
To perform a stunt simply lauch your car into the air by driving over a ramp,
and then press the space bar and an arrow key at the same time. The more stunts
you perform the more your power bar will fill up, causing your car to be stronger
and faster. Doing several tricks in a row will gain you even more power!
If your red damage bar gets full your car will be destroyed and you will lose the
stage. You can repair your car by jumping through an electrified hoop.
Submitted by: thanveer muhammed
All cars wasting cheat - waste
Submitted by: Som Fedloihcte
This is very simple, but may sound complicated: All you have to do is get to stage 6.
When you are on stage 6, go by one of the high ramps, but don’t go up it.
Pause the game, and simply open a new window. Exit out of Need for Madness,
and then go slap yourself five hundred times, for believing this would work.
You’re a stupid retard!!!
Cheat Codes:
Code       Result
hasters     - wasters
la vite crab - wow canario
formala 7   - dr mostaa
radical one - lead oxide
max revenge - el king
Submitted by: Maryon
Stage 1 pick a fast/strong car (i dont recomend Nimi).
Stage 2 here you can unlock MAX Revenge so choose the car youre best on.
Stage 3 use MAX Revenge for nice results, if it did not work… i prefer you try your best.
Stage 4 any car would be great for it. never follow the road follow the Guide Arrow
Stage 5 try to dodge the obstacles (some times you need to do a stunt so be careful)
Stage 6 use Formula 7
Stage 7 now try staying in track.
Stage 8 uh oh! the Radical one is in! play Formula 7 Vs him!
Stage 9 this can be hard… only the more skilled ones pass use the fast car that you like
Stage 10 the harder one, i recomend using EL KING
Stage 11 hurray! you passed! now crash ALL of them using DR Mosntaa.
A very good tips:
Submitted by: MK C
on wasting levels, make sure you have one of the cars below:
Dr. Monstaa
Lead Oxide
El King
Max Revenge
One way to waste cars with ease:
Find the weak spots ( do more damage)
El Kings Weak spot: Sides
Lead Oxide’s weak spot: Sides
Some are the back but I forgot.