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Need for Speed - Most Wanted Black Edition

Submitted by: John Krakowski
You can enter those CHEATS at the “Press Enter” menu.
The acuracy of these codes has not yet been confirmed, so test away.
Note that not all of these will work in Career Mode.
Code           Result
regmebaby       - Gives you 20,000 in career mode to start
opendoors       - Access to whole driving world
ordermybaby     - Access to all cars
gimmevisual1     - Unlocks Visual Upgrades Tier 1
gimmevisual2     - Unlock Visual Upgrades Tier 2
needperformance1 - Unlocks Performance Upgrades Tier 1
needperformance2 - Unlocks Performance Upgrades Tier 2
goforoldspice   - Unlocks Old Spice Vinyl
needmybestbuy   - Unlocks Best Buy Vinyl
gotmycingular   - Unlocks Cingular Sponsor Vinyl
gottahavebk     - Unlocks Burger King Vinyl
gottaedge       - Unlocks Edge Sponsor Vinyl
davidchoeart     - Unknown
shinestreetbright - Unknown
wantmyd3       - Unknown
wannacapone     - Unknown
gimmechingy     - Unknown
yodogg         - Unknown
tunejapantuning   - Unknown
Submitted by: drikus
At the main menu select quick race and then custom race.
Choose Sprint and select track 1 (Seaside & Powerstation).
Then choose any car you like,and go racing.Now you can drive the
opposite way without being resetted,so you now can drive anywhere
you like in the city,without traffic or cops! But be aware that you
can drive through those yellow arrow barriers from the outside,but
you can’t go back.This was done with Version 1.2 and only seems to
work with track 1,the other tracks resets you…