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Pandemic 2

Pandemic 2
Cheat Codes:
Start with the infection as bacteria and enter “morethanacolditis”
as a name.
Infecting the world:
Submitted by: RM
Use the following steps to infect the world.
-Be a virus
-Sell your only symptom.
-Wait awhile until you have accumulated about 60 evolution points, then
buy as many resistances as possible. You do not need drug resistance.
-If you have the trait “Durable”, do not buy the resistance level 2 for
whatever one you have. If you do, the disease will spread out of control
in your country and all the ports and airports will be shut down.
-Hope that Madagascar gets infected.
-Once the disease has infected the entire world you can buy the rest of
the resistances.
-The world will be so overwhelmed that all the hospitals shut down and the
vaccine will never be made within 2,000 days.
-Use your own cocktail of symptoms to kill the world (for example, sneezing
depressed blind people).
Submitted by: luvmy2angels
Ok first sell your only symptom wait for 20 points i would say 40 then u now
have 40 or 50 ppl infected now use all 40 of them on traits wait untill you
have 50 points by then the completion will be at half way vaccine then buy
all traits and resistances u can then BOOM everyone in that infected area 30
humans left as soon as they all die in like 3 secs the vaccine should lower
like hell then some completion should lower keep on doing this untill you take
over the whole game P.S do it as fast as possible or else the airports will
cose and stuff so you only get 1 infected area or so…
Submitted by: Joe
First, pick your method of virus. I went with Virus but was able to replicate
this strategy with all three methods. Then, sell whatever “gift” you get when
you start the game. This is generally fever. You want to have 0 ill affects
with this virus. Next, invest in the climate you are in. If you start in Cuba
invest at least level 2 in heat. Then pay attention to where the airplanes go.
Do they fly in warm or cool climates? Invest in at least 2 of cold climate as
well. Once finished, activate airborne and water spread methods. Insect and
rodent seem to be a waste of time to me. Invest in the moisture in order to
infect the water supply. Watch in glee as your virus spreads around the world.
At this point, level up your disease level. Invest in whatever you feel will
kill best. Fever works as a great foundation. Watch as people die and close
down the hospitals. If you are lucky, all hospitals will close down before a
vaccination has been invented. If not, pray that it doesn’t cure your disease.
If it does, game over man, game over! At this point, grab a sandwich and watch
as you destroy the known world!
-Get rid of fever.
-Invest in cold heat and moisture. Once you are leveled up, then invest
in water and air. Depending on your location, I have gotten away with
just using water.
-Wait. Once all countries are infected, (Madagascar is rough) then invest
in sickness.
Viruses reports:
VA-1-A through C
Aquired every area except madagascar
Aquired every area except australia and madagascar
VA-3-A through B
Aquired Europe or America, neither both.
In VA_1 I used no symptoms but had full resistance. The vaccines failed
multiple times.
In VA-2 I used silent symptoms, low visibility. Full resistance however
vaccines were successful.
VA-3 i used whatever symptoms were at hand. I had half resistance and vaccines
Submitted by: Joe
I have found a rather interesting technique. It may or may not work, I think its
more a matter of luck. However it is worth noting.
1.Remove the first trait(s) and be as low key as possible.
2.Sit in your country and just wait. Let the points rack up. If you dont do anything,
  the infected count usually stays between 0 and 100.
3.When you get to about 50 ish, maybe wait for a disaster or two which will help.
4.Spend them all in one go trying for levels 3 in water, heat and moisture, and go
  for Airbourne, Waterbourne, Insect and Rodent.
The aim here is to ready yourself and then strike in one quick move. If you’re lucky,
it might spread far enough, and quick enough, before countries start closing off. I
managed to get most of them apart from Madagascar (surprise surprise!) and Australia.
Although there is a hint of random to the game so it might not necessarily work.
I go with the same strategie:
Submitted by: dylan
* Make a cool name for your disease (mine’s !!chuck!!norris!! [Im working on that
  one while publishing this strategie] but the 1 i killed with is common cold
  (for now))
* Get rid of your first gift or effect (w/e you wanna call it).
* Aadvance your resistances to 3, however only get 1 in drug
  (or else your infection count will slowly drop to zero0orez)
* Get waterborn and airborn.
* Hope you get madagascar.
* Get things that will kill (i like pulminary edema).
* choose what un-infected country you are on vacation in.
  (If there are any left uninfected)
* Destroy the world!
PC Walkthrough:
Submitted by: Max
Some Important and non-impotant somethings!
* When simulation started,look at the news,THen if it’s not Madagascar,Quit,
  Then start again(When madagascar….Start it!)
* name:Make a name(Mine is: Extinction—virus type
  Extinction II—-Bacteria type
  Extinction III : Evolution—-Bacteria Type
  Extinction IV : Payback—-Bacteria Type
  Extinction V : Judgement day——[Working on it!])
* Try Selling ur 1st sympton.
* wait until u get more Evolution points.
* Buy tier two and three!!!!(dont mind four)
* Tip:I dont know if these work u know!)
* Try Exterminating Madagascar!
* Sometimes,Heat res. can make your disease can go fie-borne (get it?).
* If u still see piers open(But airports are closed)Buy the waterborne transmission.
* Dont mind un-infected countries even if there are:storm,earthquakes,floods and
  droughts no human will die with these..(I think riots can kill humans)
* Stuff can get messy if there’s a vaccine, And when theres too much drug resistant.
Submitted by: brainiac
* Your lucky if it starts in greenland(this is where i started)
* First,sell ur trait u get first
* Wait a while to get a few points
* Buy all resistances(except cold and drug,u will get later)
* Wait a while
* Voila,the whole world is infected(to get madagascar u need some luck,well when i
  played it didn’t get infected..but i do need a new home to live in you know) then
  when every possbile person is infected…go crazy with the sicknesses and watch
  em die XD.
PC Walkthrough:
Submitted by: Taelya
I’ve tried this strategy several times, and it seems to USUALLY work for me, but
occasionally, you might have to try again:
1) Pick Bacteria for your disease.
2) Sell any symptoms that you have.
3) Make the disease spread able by rodents and insects.
5) Wait for around 5-7 regions to become infected.
4) Buy the 1st level resistance on Drug, Moisture, Heat, and Cold.
5) Wait until all the rest of the regions become infected.
6) Buy whatever symptoms you like, but never buy any from tier 4 (they’re not worth
  it—see tips).
7) You can add on any resistances you like, except for drug resistance. (see tips)
7) Sit back and watch as all of humanity dies from your epidemic.
-When buying your symptoms, I would recommend ones that are the least noticeable to
start off with (for example, kidney failure, fever, etc.)
-If Madagascar shuts down shipyards before it is infected, start over.
-Every time a new vaccine is being researched, buy 1 extra drug resistance level.
PC Walkthrough:
Submitted by: Sophiie
* Play The “Realistic” mode, This is better and easier to infect the whole world.
  Be Bacteria, this helps infect but not visability which needs to be low. Call it
  anything you like, i used ‘morethanacolditis’ and it worked really well, might
  of been luck, am not sure.
* Sell The trait you are given. Lethality, Visability and Infectivity should be at 0.
  Put the game into fast mode to speed up the waiting.
* Wait for about 5-10 mins, until the evolution points are about 40, buy all the
  Transmission things.
* Wait for a while again, about 5 mins this time.
* Then Buy resistance for ‘Heat 1, Cold 1 and water 1’ this will help your desiese
  able to work in the heat, cold and water. Do NOT buy the drug resistance yet.
  Usually you get a free resistance so if it is in cold, do NOT buy Cold 2.
* Here, if the desiese is not seem to be working buy a cheap trait, Sneezing Or
  Coughing will be good, but be prepared because these are very visable and will
  help the deseise to be seen and they will make a drug to cure it. If the desiese
  is working do not buy anything.
* Wait again.
* If they start making a drug buy drug resistance 1, click on world and see how long
  they will take to make it, if it is shorter than 30 days, buy drug resistance 2.
* When more and More Countries are infected start buying little traits, Do NOT buy
  anything that will help with visablity, just lethality.
* Hope this helps, Thanks for reading it as it is very long.
Mutating Faster:
Submitted by: adam
When your typing up the name on pandemic 2 dont type anything just leave it and you
should get a trait called mutater which lets your disease mutate faster and more