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Powder Game

Powder Game
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM
Hit the “CTRL” + “F5” to get the console open then type “LSC” in the
console, it will change the color of the laser try numbers from 1-9.
Tons of particles under drag:
1-Make a small clone and clone the particle you want to have alot
  under drag.
2-Now put Drag under the left and right clicks.
3-Left Click some drag, then move it away, and quickly right click.
  You should have gotten more particles under drag.
4-Now release right click, and all particles should stay under drag
  if you continue to hold left click. Right click particles not under
  drag again, and they should be under drag.
Repeat this process until you have desired amount.
Ultra Laser:
Submitted by: powdergame
1: get a Wheel.
2: use Fan to make Wheel spin continuously.
3: once Wheel spins, add Laser in any dierection.
(after the Laser is shot in the dierection you want it, you cannot change it
unless you erease all of the Laser spinning in the Wheel.)