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Visitor: Squirtel
General rate: Negative
This was way too confusing to use for a simpleton like me. :)
Visitor: hi
General rate: Negative
I played around with this program long enough to make one animated gif, and then when I saved it, it put "AdGif - unregistered" in the top left corner... of every frame. So as the animation takes place, "AdGif - unregistered" floats all over the screen, it does not just sit in the top left corner, so the program is pretty much useless. It does have decent interface and features, but nothing exciting.
Visitor: John
General rate: Negative
I agree the demo is worthless. If you try to make small aninimations all you get is the harassment letters, no picture at all. Making the demo non functional. The interface stinks too making its pricetag way overpriced. Avoid this unless you like aggravation.
Visitor: Natalcia
General rate: Positive
Czesc mam na Imie Natalcia :P
Visitor: m.y.o.b
General rate: Negative
dis is gae AZZ!!!