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Visitor: chirag
General rate: Positive
!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!! Bud Redhead (Enter Key )
Visitor: damir
General rate: Positive
Bud Redhead is excelent game. My son loves it and my wife too. In this word of virtual reality games 3D, it is becoming difficult to find proper games for small children.
Visitor: neso
General rate: Positive
Very Good
Visitor: Raven
General rate: Negative
I play Bud on a Mac platform running OS X.3.4 (Panther). The first three levels of Bud are fantastic, enough that I actually paid to get the full game. Bugs in the subsequent levels make the game less and less enjoyable. The most obvious problem is that, in some levels, the graphics don't all load, so you don't see springboards, crates, enemies, or your score. This can sometimes be rectified by playing with the graphic options, but this takes a lot of time. When you have zero lives and 1 energy left, the last thing you want to do is waste time again and again fine tuning the graphics. Another bug is that the game is not consistent. You can land on an enemy in one position during one level and kill it, while it will cause you to lose energy in another. The most annoying thing is that there are few opportunities to save your game. There is nothing more infuriating than playing through several incredibly complicated screens only to 'die' and have to start over. Bud does have a lot of promise--the graphics (especially those in the castle!) are fantastic, there are lots of secret passages to find and explore, and there are lots of levels. It would take only a bit of debugging to really make this game worth the cost. You can only select a 'positive' or 'negative' button, but I'd classify this game as being 'disappointing with a lot of promise'.
Visitor: liz!!!
General rate: Positive
i think this game is really !!!cool!!! my brothers like it too. this game is so fun to play!!!
Visitor: Reb Redhead
General rate: Positive
Great game have played over and again..however...can't find the door to get the extra life that sits under a tiered hill in level 1-4. Is this an error?
Visitor: vannessa
General rate: Positive
this game is so much fun i downloaded it like 5 times already my favorite place is the egypt so cool