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Visitor: Jon
General rate: Positive
Publisher misrepresents CSS feature--the product does NOT allow a "Save As" or "Export" to CSS format, as stated. You must manually create your CSS by tediously copying and pasting color values from the program.
Visitor: Anders
General rate: Positive
Frankly, I'm clueless when it comes to colors. But after playing around with this program for a while, I came up with a color scheme for my web project that looks real pro. Nice that the program works without restrictions in the trial period. I might consider buying it later.
Visitor: Edwin
General rate: Positive
Works very well with Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Lots of features and very flexible. Only thing I miss is an html preview function.
Visitor: Frank G
General rate: Positive
The program DOES in fact export CSS styles. And a lot more. Very well done!
Visitor: Susan
General rate: Positive
I love this program! It's great for "color coordinating" challenged folks like me!