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Visitor: Boris Golembo
General rate: Negative
A good product, after a few days of "training" it blocks most of the spam. However, there are three problems with it: 1. It does not work with Outlook XP (Outlook 2002) after installation of the Service Pack 3 (SP3) for Office XP. This is obviously a bug that should be fixed. 2. It will download spam definition file on each boot up of the PC if your Locale setting is different from English language. This may take lots of your internet resources. 3. Giant Company, the developer provides very poor support if any. I requested technical support and help on the above two problems and received useless formal replies that seem to be generated automatically. Actually Spam Inspector DOES NOT work with the updated (latest) version of Outlook XP. Spam Inspector fails to check spam and filter email after I installed Service Park 3 for Office XP. After installatiom of SP3, Outlook blocks access to inbox, so SI is not able to perform filtering. I sent my request for fix to the Giant Company, developer of the SI, but have not received any reply. I would much appreciate it if you could request the fix as well. From my previous experience with this company they never provided a good support in the past. Regards, Dr Boris Golembo
Visitor: S Gordon
General rate: Negative
You need to know that Spam Inspector 4.0 and IHATESPAM 4.0 are the same program. Neither program will support Secure Password Authentication for MSN Mail using POP3 and neither program will support MSN Hotmail running Windows 98.
Visitor: George Bissenden
General rate: Negative
I use Eudora 6.1. On first install under WinXP I found that if 2 users were logged in, my disk started accessing continuously about once a second. I used Sysinternals "Process Explorer" to look at what was happening. I found that siMailProxyServer.exe was being loaded and unloaded in sync with the disk accesses. I sent the above info with a lot more to GIANT Company Tech Support and got nothing but form letters in return. After uninstal/reinstall a popup window appeared when Eudora was opened saying that "SI Initialization phase 1 complete ". Spam Inspector got stuck in an unbreakable loop with the above popup happening every time Eudora was opened. I removed Spam Insector from my system bcause of these bugs and the lack of any meaningful response to my detailed help requests.
Visitor: Ken Wanderer
General rate: Negative
Microsoft bought Spam Inspector - Giant Software. Is there a way to uninstall the SP3 - should I do so in the Add Remove programs?