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Op. System: Windows
Last updated: 2012-02-15
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Publisher: Rob Baker
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Imagina is an image viewer like no other.This program is based on 3D technology giving you the finest image viewing experience on you windows PC like never before.Furthmore it enable you to easily edit your photos just the way you like it. The main feature of imagina includes; • Undo / Redo / Restore:it has Multi-level undo / redo with disk storage to mitigate memory issues, enhanced further with a full image restore from an alternate file location. • Precision Pixel Processing: it stores pixel accurately in a high-dynamic-range floating point format to allow for editing without any loss of range or precision. • Black & White / Sepia: This give your pictures the traditional look, transforming them to black and white or sepia toned, or even some customisable combination of the two. • Ultra- zoom : you can easily zoom in and out using the mouse wheel. • Smooth rotation:it allows you to change the orientation of your images easily and smoothly with hardware can also accurately straighten them using the high quality multi-tap sampling. • Slick viewing:whether 2D or 3D ,your picture are shownclearly and with a soothness that can anly be achieved through hardware rendering. • EXIF properties:this enable you to view all the photographic EXIF information for your pictures such as author,title etc.It aslo allow you to edit them and add a comment to be stored along your pictures • Channels:it has Simple channel control allowing you to viewing RGB colours in isolation, just the alpha channel or all in combination; ideal for images destined for games production. • Tagging:easily tags your images as you view them.This allow for batch operation on your image. • Raw Power: you Load your camera's raw images and tune and easily convert them using the RAW processing module; based on the popular DCRAW software tool. • Movies: the program allow you to play your movie files using the smooth interface, rotate, move and scale them just as you would to the pictures • Thumbnails: it generate superbly filtered and high resolution thumbnails which are stored for aesier retrieval in future. • Accurate Colour Editing: it uses advance algorithms to seperate brightness from hue and saturation in order to edit each attribute carefully without affecting the others • Curve Transformations: you can easily transform different attributes of your images using curves from the stock of well known algorithmic shapes • High Dynamic Range:Load your high-dynamic-range images and carefully control their exposure to the screen with our intelligent algorithms - no permanent changes are made. • Desktop background:you can set images as your desktop can resize and crop them to fit your screen size. Requirements:Microsoft DirectX 9.0c and .NET Framework 2.0

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