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Downloads: 1860
Op. System: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000
Last updated: 05-01-2003
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Publisher: FreeWire P2P

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FreeWire is a peer-to-peer software tool that connects users to millions of others on the Gnutella network for file searching, sharing, and downloads music (MP3s), movies, and more. It based on Livewire?s code base, which enables you to organize and play custom MP3 play lists with Free Wire?s built-in MP3 player, and you can chat with other Gnutella users with the integrated chat utility. It implements the newest and most advanced Gnutella features, including multi-host fast" swarm" downloads, smart auto-resume, advanced filtering search, enhanced connection management and much more. Editor:Saqiblalas Sharing of files in peer networks such as the social media is a widespread practice. Freewire is a file-searching platform that is based on the Gnutella network. Through this application, friends can search for mp3 files, games, pictures, documents and software and share them with friends on Gnutella Network. As the name implies, Freewire is free to use. It utilizes Gnutella advanced features such as multi-hosting, downloads, advanced search filtering, c ontrol of upload bandwidth, smart auto-resume, automatic detection of firewalls as well as enhanced and speedy interconnections. The application comes with an in-built Mp3 player and chat utility that Gnutella fans and peers can use. It is an open source software application written on Limewire platform.Editor:SYNCOPY

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Visitor: TJ
Of course, this little file sharing program can't compare with Kazaa or Bearshare since it is little with not even a million users, but I suggest for people to use this when they can't find a file on kazaa or bearshare, etc which might be rare anyways.
General rate: Positive
Visitor: Arjen
'Can\'t resume downloads and frequently loses connections. KaZaA Lite is much better.'
General rate: Negative
Visitor: Starfall
I've used Freewire for the last 2 years, and this new version is a COMPLETE waste of time. Files won't download, it adds spyware, it now limits your ability to chose or add additional servers. Even if it says it finds the file, it can't download them. Not to mention the ever non-existent support.
General rate: Negative
Visitor: Cindy
larry king is right and i'll never d/l files again without reading the opinions first! this has so much adware and a parasite called bookedspace that's near impossible to get rid of! even with spybot or adaware. its horrible :-( don't get it. it shouldn't even be here for people to d/l.
General rate: Negative
Visitor: BorgQueen
FreeWire, a poor clone of LimeWire, is SO loaded with spyware its unbelievable! The spyware hides as bogus search "assistants" with legitimate names. This software is dangerous and poses a security risk to anyone still running windows. Stick to LimeWire, at least they don't load your computer up with spyware. The FreeWire coders are an unethical group. If they want to make money they shouldn't have chosen GPL software to clone. The Borg Queen
General rate: Negative