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Last updated: 2008-05-24
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atypiq logIQKey is a powerful application used to secure your valuable data and it is very easy to use. Use it to exchange critical documents with your clients and partners in a simple and secure way. By using the logIQKey strong encryption, you data is really protected. You can even encrypt an entire folder: logIQKey will first zip the folder, and then encypt the obtained zip file just like any other file. It uses a non-reversible algorithm, this means that the password cannot be recovered, as opposed to office, pdf, zip and other "password-secured" documents. This way your files/documents are really encrypted and protected. logIQKey is integrated into the Windows contextual menu and the shell, and it is smart enough to recognize if a file should be encrypted, or is already encrypted and should instead be decrypted. Whenever you send an email, it will "travel" in internet in an unsecure way, and may be stored in one or more servers before you can dowload it, allowing someone interested in you data to get it and read it. By using the logIQKey strong encryption, you data is really protected.

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Data is back bone of computer system. To secure the valuable data in a well-mannered way through an application is definitely possible for every user. The application that keeps all of the important and critical data protected is known as loglQKey. Now you can easily send your confidential data to the clients in a protected way through this application. This app firstly keeps the folder in a zipped file. The passwords cannot be recovered through the use of non-reversible algorithm technology in this app. The encryption and security of your files is guaranteed through this application in a great manner.

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